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After long experience within a completely different trading area, this Quantity Surveyor converted into an Economist, Tax Advisor, Chartered Accountant and Auditor began to devote his skills to tax advice and accountancy.

It was not long before this foundational bureau developed into some other areas like the fields of labour relationships, company management, legal advice, company auditing as well as launching and development of franchises.

Years later, the firm expanded its branches towards Costa del Sol, to get involved in new activities that widened the scope of services to the extent of becoming, far from its traditional shape, an Integrated Multi-disciplinary Consulting.

This series of services incorporated turn on real estate ownership, i.e. Administration of Communities of Owners, Rentals Management, Insurance and Financial Brokering, Real Estate Agency as well as Tax Representation for Non Residents.

A wide and growing group of companies and individuals, from every activity field, have been gradually amalgamating to a considerable census of satisfied clients that have deposited their confidence in the professional cover of this GRUPO.

The above entails a self imposed challenge of services commitment that is constantly under revision and improvement.

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Luis Camuña